Facts, sources, scripts, pictures and previews:
 Tell Him: It was supposed to be in Throwdown episode (S01E07). Lately, Lea confirmed it: “But there’s also so many songs that we record that don’t make it onto the show that are really great. Like the ‘Tell Him’ song that me, Amber and Jenna did. (
• Bust A Move / I Could Have Danced All Night: aka 'I Could Have Bust A Move'. It was supposed to be mash-up to show that Emma and Will mash well.
• Don’t Make Me Over: (
• Burning Up: (
 Fergalicious: (
pictures) (script)
• Xanadu: (

 Planet, Schmanet, Janet: Although deleted from the episode The Rocky Horror Glee Show, this song is featured as a bonus feature on the DVD. (
 Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?: This song was originally supposed to be in Sexy, but Animal replaced it in the episode, it is unknown why. (
 Back In My Arms: The deleted scene features Quinn and Rachel attempting to write a song for Regionals, with Quinn giving negative feedback towards the song. It was supposedly written about Finn. (
picture) (script)
• One Night In Bangkok: Stephen Tobolowsky did tweet about singing it and recording it.
• It’s 10 AM & I’m Drunk: It is sung by April and is an original song written for Crossrhodes: The April Rhodes Story (a musical about her life). (

• Sugar, Sugar: It would have been sung by Sugar Motta to her Glee Club, The Troubletones, and her father, but Santana would have stopped the performance because it was terrible.
 You Spin Me Round / Do You Really Want To Hurt Me: (
 Not The End: (
pictures) (song)

 Mister Monotony: (
pictures) (preview)
 Diamonds Are Forever / Diamonds: The mash-up was originally going to be Diamonds/Diamonds Are Forever. It was then renamed Sparkling Diamonds/Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend but was cut down to only Sparkling Diamonds for unknown reasons.

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